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It is here where I will puplish some of my stuff, let it loose to the world. Don't get your hopes up to see the absolute awesomeness here...I'm just a lil hobby writer. Most of my work was/is writen when either bored or when I'm if that is any indicator for the qualityl....*cough*

Non the less, these are !!MINE!! Each piece written and published here is uder my copyright as author and I'd like to know if they are taken and put up somewher else. Just ask, send me a small not and I won't say no (proabably)

Warning!! Sweetness following! Some of my works are dissilusioned and utterly kitsch. You have been warned, advance at your own risk
Another thing: You find wrong speeled words? Keep them or send me a Mail, will correct them ^^

Love you

I love you....
And I will always love you…
And if I die I will wait at Heavens Gate for you…
And if on Judgements Day you never arrived in Heaven…
I will give back my wings, the harp and everything,
Going trough Hell and anywhere
Just to show them….
That I loved you…
That I love you…
And that I will love you….



Something on my mind...

A grey day,
nothing to do,
raining dripping against my window,
my mood as grey as the clouds outside.

As i sit here in my bed
i can only think back to the days
the sun was shining.
I sigh
How long till the sun shines again?


No time for romance?

Are they lost?
The romantics?
Those that would carry women on their hands?
Read each wish from their lips?

But there is no time for romance.
No time, no time.
All fast, fast in the world.

Are they really lost?
These dreams out of times long gone?
Gentleman out of history or fairy tales?
Candle light dinner, just for two?

No time for romance.
Not for the woman out of our dreams.
All fast, fast in the world.

But there are some!
The romantics.
They read from their loves lips.
They cook, and care.
They let a woman feel like a goddess!
But they are rare, only a few left.
So, be happy if you find one.
Care for him,
These fairy tale princes are just to rare
In our hectic time.

the Man and the Beast

Me, that of two minds

the Man
gentle soul, no harm to anyone
friendly, lovingly,
caring always there for those in need

but afraid
scared of that was lies within

the Beast
powerful, and ruthless
no care for anyone, ‘cept himself
taking without question

But that is Me
Me of two minds, living with both


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