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From now on this blog will be held in english, as I do write it more often in these days anyway. My works, should I puplish them will sometimes still be writen in germany though, so I will add (when time and funk) a sektion for translated work

Well, just a small overview what happened since last posted:
Passed the final tests, now have my 'Abitur' (still don't know what a similarity would be in america/england >.> so...YAY!
Had been just hanging around doing nothing afterwards...lenghy holidays if you want *g*
Now I found myself some work, starting a baker apprienship in Nov...more Yay!

So, folks, that was it for news for now will try though to keep this more up to date from now on, but will see *waves and ninja vanishs to get some translated stuff up the blog*

26.10.07 11:59


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