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Here are some infos about me

I usualy listen and react to the names Dude, Freak, Seph or Sephimon, all petnames i collctd over the time. But sometimes, it might sound unusual, I even react to my given name: Simon

Mostly quite, observant standing in the background
Good listener, always a shoulder for friends (other body parts on request *cought*
Always hungry
Sometimes a bit grumpy, melancolic, in which he wants to be alone
Loyal till the end
Online, always
Freaky freak
With friends in for every fun
Hobbyauthor and reader of other Hobbyauthor's stories
Attentive, sunken into his thoughts at the same time
Extremly forgetful
Got told by friends that I'm a 'cucumber sush' (don't ask...)
Extramly lazy
Naive to the bone
realist, optimist and pessimist in one

A pic of me, for those that want to see me:
->Klick me<-
->Or klick here<- be continued...

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